Fleet Management

Delight General Transport is the dominant and acclaimed general transportation service provider in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Unquestionably, the persistent growth of our company is due to the relentless hard work and the quality of service we offer to our customers. Because we value our customers more than anything. And it has helped us to sustain the prime position in the general transportation field for the past 11 years.

Delight General Transport has proved expertise in multiple areas of general transportation over the years. One of the many prominent services we provide is fleet management.

 Services such as Sales, public transportation, courier, emergency, etc. require fleet management solutions. Because managing a pool of vehicles is not an easy task at all and it becomes overwhelming at times. Fleet management requires mastery and proficiency to have the right control over the system without meddling it.

Many companies provide Fleet management services these days. But it is always better to bestow such crucial tasks to a reliable third-party service provider who can lend in their expertise. This can save you from troubles and money loss in the future.

Delight General Transport provides a Real-Time fleet management system that is capable of managing fleets of all sizes. It helps to track the location of all the vehicles on the fleet. This feature helps the most in case of emergencies.

Easy access to the status of vehicles is a key feature of our system. This helps to locate vehicles in parking and motion easily. Our system can create optimized routes effectively. This helps to increase efficiency and saves time. Assigning specific vehicles for the appropriate route is another advantage of our system. Also, it monitors vehicles to track their efficacy and maintenance schedule.

Our 24*7 supportive customer care system assists you throughout our services and helps you to do all the paperwork easily and quickly. And we make sure to not make you pay any hidden charges for any of our services. The enviable uniqueness and fidelity we possess help Delight General Transport sustain the top position in the field of general transportation.