Delight General Transport is one of the leading and fastest-growing general transportation service providers in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. We have been successfully steering in this arena for the past three decades. Undoubtedly, the persistent growth of  Delight General Transport is due to the relentless hard work and the quality of services we provide.

Being an innovative service provider has always pushed our limits and broadens our hands of expertise to almost all areas of general transportation services. One of the many prominent services provided by Delight General Transport is forklift rental services.

 A forklift is used in many industries. Especially in the warehouses, construction sites, dockyards, recycling operations, etc. for loading, unloading, and transporting heavy goods to a short distance. A forklift can be either operated by pedestrians or a heavy-duty driver.

Even though many companies provide forklifts for rent these days, it is always better to entrust such services to a distinguished and reliable company. It saves you from the trouble of mishandling goods which can lead to loss of your money and time.

Delight General Transport provides forklifts for rent for a feasible rate with an expert and qualified operator. All our operators are well trained and make sure our clients are served with the best throughout the service.

Our customers get to choose vehicles from a vast fleet of vehicles. This gives them a chance to choose a vehicle that suits their convenience and purpose. Moreover, all our vehicles are well maintained and in great condition. And they all include a SALIK card and license. You can rent out forklifts with an operator on a daily and weekly basis. Besides, easy replacement of vehicles is available in case of breakdowns and damages.

The procedures for renting out forklifts are really easy and quick. Our supportive customer care system spares you from all the tediousness of doing the paperwork and legal formalities. Also, client service call centers are available 24*7 to help our customers. And we make sure none of our services charges you a hidden fee. Because we value our customers more than anything.

Delight General Transport continues to flourish in the general transportation field because all the services provided by our company are unmatchable when it comes to quality and enactment.