Normal pickup truck rental service

Delight General Transport has become one of the efficient and rapidly growing general transport service providers in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. We have been infallibly serving our customers in the general transportation field for the past 11 years. And we always make sure our customers are provided with the best service at the most competitive rates.

Pickups for remarries one of the most common requirements in the field of general transportation service. Especially when you want to heavy transport goods from one place to another. It is way too economical and accessible to all. Normal pick-up truck rental service is one of the many transportation services provided by Delight General Transport. We have a fleet of pickups varying in capacity and purposes. 3-ton, 7-ton, and 10-ton pickups come under this category. We have readily available vehicles to suit your budget and purpose.

Normal pickup trucks can be primarily used for carrying and transporting goods. Pickup trucks manufactured these days are more powerful and capable. Some of the pickup trucks are perfect for transporting goods as well as passengers such as laborers which are especially useful for service sectors that need to deploy workforce at the work site along with goods required for the job.

Apart from normal pick-up trucks we also provide open flatbed trucks which are used for transporting heavy cargo. It is very powerful and can easily hold up heavyweights. The open space can be covered using a tarpaulin cloth or plastic sheet to protect the goods from rain and sun.

Renting out a pickup truck from an expert general transport provider can save a lot of your money and energy. Be it, moving your furniture to your new home, taking your motorcycle to a mechanic, or even transporting wood or tools. A pickup is a right choice to get all these things done skillfully and effortlessly.

Delight General Transport provides pickups for rent in and around UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. You can rent out the vehicle on a weekly basis. Our supportive customer care is available 24*7 and helps you to get through all the procedures easily and without any hassle. Also, all our services are devoid of hidden charges.

All our vehicles are provided free maintenance during the services. Besides, Vehicles can be replaced easily in case of emergencies such as damages and breakdowns.

Our qualified truck drivers come with an impressive experience throughout the services. Because we give them special training to work efficiently and to support our clients. This helps Delight General Transport to grow further in the field of general transport.