Onshore And Offshore Oil & Gas Fields And Facilities Service​

Delight General Transport is a distinguished and fast-developing service provider in the general transportation field pan UAE, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. We have been outshining in this arena for the past thirty years triumphantly. The success secret of our company is the relentless hard work and the unparalleled quality and expertise of service we provide.

With constantly growing onshore and offshore oil and gas field companies, the requirement for raw materials to be transported to such areas is also increasing. However, rules and regulations for conveyance to these companies are constantly changing too. Transporting materials to onshore and offshore oil and gas construction companies cannot be executed by ordinary transportation service providers. It requires certification and special permits to enter such areas. All our vehicles possess SALIK cards. And have certifications, licenses and documents for the same.

 Onshore and offshore oil and gas field facilities and service is an unmatched service provided by Delight General Transport. We deliver all kinds of oil and gas field services with excellence and assurance. We have expert staff for conducting safety surveys and other procedures. And we ensure your products are safely delivered to the respective destination on time without any hindrance. Also, easy replacement of vehicles is available in case of damages and breakdowns.

Apart from doing transportation service to oil and gas field companies, Delight General Transport responsibly do onshore and offshore drilling. We use high-quality equipment for the process. Also, expert and qualified workers perform the job with vigilance. And supervisors are appointed to inspect and assure the quality of our services.

When the clients are not aware of the quantity of the materials to be transported or the kind of assistance to be executed or need to formulate an estimate, Delight General Transport helps them to conduct site surveys with the presence of the client. This makes the job easier for the customers.

We, at Delight General Transport, place customer satisfaction before anything. We help our customers in getting done their job easily and effectively. Our supportive customer care system is available 24*7 and helps you to get through all the procedures by sparing you from the trouble of going through enormous paperwork and legal formalities. The trust our customers have in Delight General Transport helps us to serve in the general transportation field in success