Reefer Pickups

Delight General Transport is one of the largest and fastest-growing general transport service providers in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Being in this field for more than a decade by providing promising assistance helped us to prevail as the most entrusted firm in the area of general transport. And we continue to serve all our customers with utmost dedication and fidelity.

Being on the cusp of innovation, Delight General Transport always tries to extend our hands of expertise to assist almost every area of transportation. And we try to fulfill all the necessities in the general transportation field with innate care. That is another reason why our customers choose us time and again.

Some mainstream industries such as the food and beverage industry, medical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. require refrigerated vehicles to safely transport their commodities from one place to another. Because maintaining a specific temperature to keep these goods safe is crucial. This is where reefer pickups come into play.

Adequate concerns are often proposed while handling perishable goods. Because a slight variation in the allowed temperature or mishandling of goods can cause several losses to those companies. Entrusting such services to a distinguished service provider can save you from a lot of troubles.

Being in the cold chain transportation for decades made Delight General Transport a notable firm. And we have truck rental services in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Our reefer pickups have a capacity of 1-ton, 3-ton, 10-ton, and 40 feet. And can maintain the temperature ranging from -25 to +15 °c.

Delight General Transport provides refrigerated vehicles for rent on a weekly basis with an expert driver who actively involves in all the stages of the service from loading the goods till they are safely unloaded. We ensure our customers are provided an undisrupted, seamless, and smooth functioning service through and through.

Reefer trucks are all well secured and quality assured with the latest technologies to maintain the specified temperature and are capable of delivering goods in all environments. We make sure your products are delivered to the desired destination in good condition and on time. In case of emergencies such as breakdowns, or damages, vehicles can be easily replaced. Also, all our vehicles possess SALIK cards and licenses.

Customer support of Delight General Transport works 24*7 and spares you from the trouble of going through enormous paperwork and legal formalities. And we ensure to not make our customers pay any hidden charges throughout the process and afterward. The relentless hard work and devotion of our team help Delight General Transport to outshine in the general transportation field with pride.