Staff Transportation Solutions

Delight General Transport has been surpassing in general transportation service for more than a decade in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. And the unstoppable growth of Delight General Transport is due to relentless hard work and the unparalleled quality of service that we offer. Staff transportation solution is one of the mainstay services of Delight General Transport.

Every company or institution varies in its kind depending on its function. But, the nature of employees stays the same, no matter how big or small the company is. To utilize the full potential of your employees, you have to provide them a healthy work environment. It includes their daily commute as well. Because sparing them the trouble of using public or private transport helps them to arrive at work on time and in a good mood. This is a great way to start the day at work and to be fully productive. Also, this allows the staff to relax and prepare for the day while traveling.

Another prominent aspect of providing employee transportation service is building value for the company in employees’ minds. Ensuring the safety of employees is a gesture of great concern. This helps to develop a good employer-employee relationship. The advantage of this facility is most enjoyed by the staff who work night shifts. So, providing staff transport service serves in the overall growth and image of a company.

Delight General Transport has certainly become the most considerable preference for corporate transportation services. The choices and quality of services that we lay before our clients are undeniable.

Transport solutions for companies are given either on a monthly or yearly contract. The minimum lease period is 1 month and the maximum period is 3 years.  Our clients get to choose from a wide variety of vehicles according to their choice and comfort. Be it, luxury coaches, buses, minibuses, vans, labour buses, etc.

Qualified and efficient drivers make your journey secure and comfortable. They will take your staff to work and drop them off at their respective destination safely. In case of accidents, or damages, or breakdowns, vehicles can be replaced easily.

To ensure the quality and excellence of our services regular evaluations are done. All the drivers are given special training to maintain good work ethics and to not fall short of quality.

Serving our customers with utmost dedication makes Delight General Transport a unique service provider. We have 24*7 available customer care support who helps our customers to deal with all their queries and procedures. We break down massive paperwork and other legal formalities into simpler steps for our clients. And we make sure to not make our clients pay any hidden charges throughout the procedure and afterward.