Delight General Transport is the most leading and well-established general transportation service provider in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. We have been serving our clients in this field with expertise for the past 11 years. Our relentless hard work and fidelity have helped us to become the most trusted service providers.

Trailers are used in many industries these days. They are mainly used to transport automobiles, furniture, and other goods which are to be safely transferred from one place to a long distant place via road. It is always advised to confide in a reliable third-party general transport service provider for such tasks.

Trailer transport service is a prominent service provided by Delight General Transport. We help our customers to safely transport their goods to the desired destination with care and attention.  Our trained and experienced staff involve actively throughout the service from loading, hauling, and

Unloading. And they never fail in delivering the services on time by following all safety measures.

Delight General Transport has a fleet of more than 500 vehicles. All our vehicles are well maintained and in great condition. Our customers get to choose vehicles of their choice that suits their purpose as well as budget. Trailers can be rented out on a daily or a weekly basis with a skilled driver. Besides, the choices and the quality of service provided by Delight General Transport are undeniable.

We have a range of trailers varying in size and purposes. Flatbed trailers can be used for normal cargo services, Flexi trailers also known as Skeletal trailers can be used for container purposes, Box trailers are small box trailers, Curtain trailers have great safety features, Low bed trailers are used for transporting taller, heavier, and sensitive materials which have a high-risk factor.


All our vehicles include a SALIK card and license. And have permits to enter remote and restricted areas. This makes the transportation hindrance free and smooth for both the company and our customers. We provide free maintenance for all our vehicles and can be replaced easily in case of damage or breakdown.

Another important aspect for our customers to choose Delight General Transport for all their general transportation service is the importance we give to hygiene. We deep clean and disinfect all our vehicles in between services to keep them safe and clean. And to provide our customers an unprecedented experience throughout our service.

The process of renting out any vehicle from Delight General Transport is easy and quick. Our customer care support guides you through the process and helps you to get done with the paperwork and legal formalities effortlessly. Client service calls are available 24*7. And all our services are devoid of any hidden charges. This makes Delight General Transport a unique and reliable service provider.