Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping service.

Delight General Transport is one of the largest independent general transportationservice providers in UAE – Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The persistent hard work and commitment towards our customers helped Delight General Transport to establish ourselves as one of the best service providers for the past eleven years.

Delight General Transport has been at the forefront of land freight services in and around UAE – Abu Dhabi and Dubai. One of the prominent services provided by us is LTL shipping services also known as Less than Truckload shipping services.

Less than Truckload Shipping is a practical and cost-effective way to ship freights when you do not need a full trailer for the purpose. Because the shipper has to pay only for the portion, they use for their freight instead of paying for the entire trailer. Freights weighing between 150 and 15,000 pounds can be shipped this way.

The competition among LTL shipping companies is way too extensive and is increasing day by day. But always one should entrust shipping services to an authorized agency only. Because a slight mistake in handling and shipping of goods can lead to big losses in the future.

Delight General Transport provides the best LTL service for our customers. We offer reliable service within regional, interregional, and long-haul needs. Moreover, LTL freight carriers offer a more secure means of shipping than loose transit of cargo. Because they are usually packed as palettes.

One of the major reasons why our customers choose Delight General Transport is due to our extensive transportation network and the preciseness in the service. We offer day-definite delivery on all our shipments. And we make sure to not make our customers pay any additional charges throughout our service and afterward.

Delight General Transport offers guaranteed and safe pickup of the consignment on time. And we give our customers access to track their shipment using tracking ID once the freight is shipped. And we make sure the consignee receives the goods in great condition on time without fail.

You can entrust Delight General Transport for all your LTL freight carrier services. We assure our customers hassle-free and worthwhile service. Because we value our customers and their needs equally.

Our supportive customer care system assists you to go through the details of every service and spare you from the trouble of enormous paperwork and legal formalities. And we make sure to serve all our customers with the best of services.