Passenger Transportation Via Rented Buses

Delight General Transport is the reliable and steering general transport provider pan UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. We have been outshining as a Passenger transport company for the past 11 years with flying colours. Delight General Transport provides reliable and cost-effective services to all our clients. And the reason for our triumph is the dedication and sincerity towards our clients to serve them with the best.

Passenger transport by rented buses is one of the key features of Delight General Transport. We are well competent in providing you with the best passenger transport solutions. Because we put the quality of service before anything.

Passenger Transport services are perpetually a fundamental need of companies, schools, institutions, etc. Providing transportation services always enhances the value of your company. Because it is a gesture of assurance and concern for your employees or students or whoever gets the benefit.

Delight General Transport offers our clients an extensive range of buses including luxury coach, minibus, van, labour bus, etc. And to top it all, we have well-qualified, professional, and experienced drivers to serve, and please you.

The wide range of vehicles gives you many options to choose from according to your purpose. You can choose the service of passenger transport by rented buses on a monthly as well as yearly basis. Besides, all our vehicles are provided free maintenance throughout the service.

Delight General Transport is always concerned about your valuable time and safety. So, we never fail to assure you are taken to your expected destination before the time limit by following all the safety measures. In case of emergencies such as damages or breakdowns, easy replacement of vehicles is available.

Routine check-ups and monitoring are done to ensure the safety and security of all the passengers. We have a team of professionals who relentlessly work towards the goal of ascertaining the same. This gives our passengers a sense of protection and helps them to relax throughout the journey.

Our 24*7 customer care support is always there to spare you from the tedious paperwork and help you to get done with the procedures as simple as possible. And we don’t impose any hidden charges over any services. This makes Delight General Transport a unique service provider and we continue to excel in the general transportation field.