Pickups With Tail Lifts

Delight General Transport is one of the largest independent general transport service providers in UAE, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. We have been serving in this field in triumph for more than a decade. And we still strive to be the best service providers with competitive rates. Now we have a fleet of more than 500 vehicles with an extensive range of services.

Pickup with tail lift for rent is a promising service provided by Delight General Transport. We supply pickups, pickups with tail lift, Reefer pickups, Hiab pickups, trailers, curtain trailers, full box trailers, forklifts, etc. All our vehicles are licensed and have SALIK cards.  Also, they have permits to enter even remote and restricted areas.

People usually spend a lot of energy and time when moving out or moving into a house, transporting tools, woods, building materials, vehicles, etc. This happens when you refuse to accept external aid. Moreover, this would end up with a waste of your energy and money. And the damages it causes would not be rectified. A pickup truck with a tail lift makes the whole job of carrying heavy goods effortless for you. Pickups with tail lifts are usually used in areas or scenarios where one cannot have a crane or any other machinery to load goods into the truck. The tail lift helps easy loading of goods into the truck.

Delight General Transport assists you to transport your goods safely from one place to another without you having to sweat over it. Pickup truck rental with a tail lift helps you to do your job of loading, transporting, and unloading heavy goods easily and effectively. The tail lift attached to the vehicle helps in the effective loading of goods. Also, a tail lift can be used to bridge the height difference between the platform and the flatbed and makes it very easy to load goods into the truck. Needless to say, it ensures the safety of heavy goods while loading and unloading and also prevents any accidents that may arise when loading heavy goods.

A qualified and experienced driver is assigned to be at your service to safeguard and help you throughout the service. They work with optimal vigilance and care. Free maintenance is provided for all our vehicles during the services. In case of damage, accident, or breakdowns, the vehicle can be replaced with an alternative vehicle easily.

The procedures to obtain truck rental service is very easy and quick. Our customer care support helps you to get done with the procedures in no time. Our client service call centers are available 24*7 to help our customers.

For the flexibility and convenience of our customers, you can hire a pickup truck with a tail lift on an hourly or daily, or weekly basis. Because we, at Delight General Transport, put customer satisfaction before anything. And we persistently work for the betterment of our services.